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加拿大多倫多大學Sean Hill教授學術報告預告

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  • 投稿時間:2019-07-03
  • 投稿人:科研科

中古聯合實驗室有幸邀請到加拿大多倫多大學Krembil神經信息中心主任、成癮及心理健康中心資深科學家Sean Hill教授來校交流并做學術報告, 歡迎廣大師生參加。報告信息如下:

Title: The Multiscale Brain: from genes to brain states and behavior

Abstract: Understanding the brain requires an integrated view of different scales of organization spanning genes, channels, cells, microcircuits, brain regions and their roles in behavior from perception to action and in different states including wakefulness and sleep. Neuroinformatics is a key tool in organizing, analyzing and modeling the brain across scales using data-driven approaches. This talk will start with data-driven approaches to reconstructing brain circuitry and describe large-scale neuroinformatics and computational modeling approaches in basic and clinical research.

Time: 15:30, Fri. 5 July, 2019

Place: Comprehensive Building Meeting Room 131 (綜合樓131會議室)

Speaker: Dr. Sean Hill


Introduction of Dr. Sean Hill:

Dr. Sean Hill is the Director of the Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics, Senior Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and Professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hill is a computational neuroscientist with experience in building large-scale computational models of brain circuitry. The Centre collaborates with clinicians and researchers, employing neuroinformatics, artificial intelligence, and multiscale modeling, to develop data-driven definitions of brain disorders, predict patient trajectories, and transform mental health care. Dr. Hill applies large-scale data integration, neuroinformatics, multiscale brain modeling and machine learning to improve our understanding and treatment of mental health disorders. The Centre’s mandate is to accelerate global collaborations in brain science using the power of big data and brain modelling to fundamentally change how mental illness is understood.

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